May 05, 2011

Louis Vuitton top fashion costly kemp wind

Louis Vuitton top fashion costly kemp wind
"Kemp gout and boring profound connection between them, can't be underestimated." Marc Jacobs by famous writers and critics Susan Sontag's (Susan Sontag) words in chun xia female Louis derivation Vuitton2011 series. In Seoul, South Korea, BAZAAR Louis Vuitton with you appreciate this season first brought acme fashion costly. As the world luxury Louis Vuitton has been to, leader of the extremely rich connotation is rich details and exquisite handicraft sublimation fashion art flavor, make each piece of full of kemp interesting items are impressive.

Bold bump color jing is chun xia
High saturation color piece brings strong visual impact collisions and will certainly become a hot season, popular element. Highlights and exquisite knitted dress figure decorated with hair bright piece, with purple coat grows red Chinese style collarband and colourful pink Louis Vuitton, sleeve edge is the eye-catching colors will gather them, jing is colourful over, do not break vogue again luxurious elegant feeling.

Fashion animal element deductioned afresh
Nature is fashionable eternal theme, successive a few season big heat animal elements in this one season with the most complete posture again attacks. Whether aureate suiting pants outfit looming on the skin, or zebra stripe of the black and white stripe trousers and cloak spins connects body, everywhere to will lifelike beauty of nature vividly on clothing. Even elegant luxuriant high-heeled shoes will heels designed to animal legs modelling, and compose with nifty tassel or crystal qualitative glass and crystal Louis Vuitton, with gorgeous details and bold design concept for its with flashing again coat.

Fashionable flower power fantasy life prone position
As this one season, Louis Vuitton as other element by unique design, present the best exaggerated flower design is beautiful. Big irises on flowing skirts in cotton to blossom, clipping meticulous pants also in blue fabric adorn have rich red flower pattern, with the lithe and graceful body appearance everywhere to show the awaken of spring is abundant with colorful the colorful.
Fashion Oriental charm high elegance
Emerging Oriental elements in this one season as the eye, be grabbed telecast of each big shows spectacular. The silk qipao corps high open collar, Chinese style with the jacket, and lace Monogram Louis Vuitton let fans, Oriental charm in the world top luxury stage extremely use up to show a woman wireless the elegant, more caused a nostalgic obsession squalls.
Fashion delicate accessories low-key graces
Delicate life is all women in pursuit of dreams, stealth after work really deserve attention for modelling graces many. But equally striking design small golden calf leather handbag buckle delicately adorn bi-color clamshell, all hand made of silver crystal with black evening gowns packet, qualitative glass with extremely delicate connotation in hand, it just amazed FangHua circulation Louis Vuitton designers and artisans great effort.

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