July 27, 2011

QinLan jewelry fashion, a woman of pure love beauty

QinLan jewelry fashion, a woman of pure love beauty

Recently QinLan and fashion photographer actors learn at school took a group of jewelry fashion to create a large, urban woman pure love beauty. Women love to jewelry seems to be born.

No matter size Party, or during the red carpet, the color treasure jewelry with its make public and inside collect and the characteristics of the storage won the women's favour, in a purple in color, whats magnificent treasure adorn article absolute may be called the queen's hall class ultimate accessories.

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Model case geometric fashionable taste fashion handbags selection

Model case geometric fashionable taste fashion handbags selection
The geometrical element from the fashion world of the century on 20 s popular adornment art combining for industrial culture of mechanical aesthetics, become up many brand designer source of inspiration. This season in the bag of design, stylist are in geometrical element of dot, line, face big fuss about to colour and material combination, restore ancient ways tone and futurism, deducts the perfect combination of the modern fashion geometric aesthetics.

Geometric profile, contracted lines reveal the atmosphere. Whether of big this year heat the envelope bag (Givenchy), a briefcase (ANTEPRIMA), or classic shoulder bag (Marni), are adopted the parallelogram, trapezoidal etc symmetric concise geometrical outline, smooth and natural line, one take. Will modern will women's independence composed temperament and elegant style and spell able express fully, and reveal uncommon grade and intellectual connotation.
Mix build joining together, geometry structure of the new notes. Use different color and the shape of the cortex joining together, through the point, line, and the division and the combination of build a relative of space, and Roger Vivier achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly, ESCADA is spun are excellent examples. Hardware to hang, shoulder DaiShou belt, the bag outside the body parts are also build a delicate geometry, the more with a bag bag impression overall combination collocation gives fresh geometrical element, full of collision and mix build fun, small details reveal big grade.

Wrong depending on the interweave, psychedelic geometric colour game. Chromatic stripe interwoven like kaleidoscope, bring the senses, this is an illusion, a similar exercise illusion art spectrum. The F letters and achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly Balenciaga's of thousands of birds will be wrong depending on the geometry derived artistic sense is impressive.

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DKNY BAG SNOB to make limited edition handbags

DKNY BAG SNOB to make limited edition handbags
Public relations girl DKNY fashion about
In 2009 when I started playing TWITTER, BAG SNOB hair a blog about we a handbag on the not so good comment. When I saw the blog I face a any public relations people in TWITTER will meet on the dilemma, I will respond to or not? I decided to face head-on BAG SNOB, so I germination bo reply way: "don't you ever as a failure photos?" Our friendship and mutual respect from the day began to grow. I never know before SNOB BAG from childhood is DONNA KARAN and her design series fans. A few months later in the northeast of the Dallas DONNA KARAN in a show BAG SNOB DONNA KARAN I saw. The rest is history.

While commuting THE bag
Treasures of the female bag send out a mysterious.
The fashion bag body: twill cap before crocodile skin in carbon black bag body.
Handle: red roof put his hand and lipstick keep of tape.
Fashion BAG SNOB for handbags have the most clear-eyed vision. As BAGSNOB.com, founder of the TINA CRAIG KELLY COOK and according to your own eyes. They actually created a live handbag standards, called five necessary package money. According to THE women, these is every woman needs to complete her handbag of chest package money: THE TOTE bag, THE TRAVEL bag, I THE commute THE TRENDY bag, while joker bag and hand bag THE CLUTCH. In their blog, they even project exhibit a variety of celebrity to show their own five necessary package money.
So naturally BAG SNOB to try in the area of design, and the exciting and a also understand the handbag brand to create your own five necessary package money version. This is our origin... To make a long story short, SNOB x DKNY BAG was born.

I THE bags
For the woman in the journey, in the bag is both fashion and practical.
Body: carbon leather bag with WEDGEWOOD blue suede leather center and drawing phnom penh. Leather edge. Passport or the ticket with the bag.
Handle: all the skin and baggage tag. Charcoal
Internal: carry into two parts, one part can hold the faa approval of the size of the bottle, the other part of dress to the mirror can support.
Fashion "DKNY girl loves adventure, but they are usually very clever and careful," TINA said CRAIG. "We want to build a modern AMELIA EARHART series-she knew she wanted to and can match a luxuriant and women. We love the style of the seventy s the style of the exhibition and the cat and mouse" in the clothing. Our handbags inspiration comes from that era's most iconic package money, square pan American airlines flight also elegant handbag from the concept of women can always. DKNY start off as the beauty of general arrived in her destination. At the same time in this series, open a can hold by the federal aviation administration, the size of the cosmetics appliance bag, can become pockets of the inclined backpack, a suitable for charming night is showily and sending out mysterious female hand bag bag commute. We can develop our dreams. With this concept five package money, DKNY girl will be ready to go to any place to do anything, and looks wonderful is dye-in-the-wood.

DKNY BAG SNOB x limited edition series in 2011 will be on holiday series debuted. This series is available in all DKNY stores for reservation. Bags will be released this October in global sales designated retailers.

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