June 29, 2011

A fashion and configuration card: the eighth generation SuoNaDa started to force

A fashion and configuration card: the eighth generation SuoNaDa started to force
Recently, the modern new SuoNaDa sales in the United States are listed on the 15 month since all sales to 19532 cars since march, which have been sold in more than 20000 units, more than the picture (quotation parameters), accord (quotation pictures parameters), one of America's most popular one of the senior cars.
Fashion and configuration brand sales situation up well

As Beijing modern flagship (quotation pictures parameters) vehicles, as early as six months ago that made the great momentum of the eighth generation SuoNaDa, and finally, on April 8, senior market since 166900 into 249900 often price and configuration table, this kind of "published since 2011's most worth looking forward to advance" sold 6002 vehicles models.
Since listing has remained steady rise of sales SuoNaDa, on its eighth generation the superior design, excellent (quotation pictures of the products of parameters, and the force "five years 60000 miles" service advantage in the United States a gun and red, with the average monthly sales nearly 20000 cars performance among the best-selling intermediate quickly out of the car.
Not only that, in the world's biggest and the most potential car market-China, appear on the market in just two months SuoNaDa sales more than 8 generation easily vehicles, to 12319 vehicles. Among them, may sales to 6317 vehicles, beyond the 5853 cars, close to that of the 6382 cars accord.
In the core market of global good performance, has let the eighth generation SuoNaDa among the most popular among senior cars, for has been working to enhance the brand image, realize the modern Beijing for high-end breakthrough, it is a good start.
Fashion and configuration brand advantage prominent
Superior product performance and the international standard service is the eighth generation in the domestic market SuoNaDa continue to deduce the sage eat of overseas core power. In order to make better matched models of the Chinese consumers demand, the 8 generation SuoNaDa introduced from the United States, on the basis of car version also added eight high-tech configurations, including intelligent yingbin lighting system, driving seats ventilation seats, before be automatic except the function such as the windshield are for China consumer "tailored", can let consumers to experience more convenience, more exalted rides to experience.
According to information, the eighth generation SuoNaDa 2.0 L models of power to 121 KW, a 2.0 L 200000 yuan level cars in the most competitive power allocation, the vehicle matching is advanced 6 speed gearbox, hand from a body to 2795 mm wheelbase, the comprehensive parameters on the performance has surpassed the accord, such as the senior models.

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