June 29, 2011

Fashion, green, healthy haier will push a new generation of embellish eye computer

Fashion, green, healthy haier will push a new generation of embellish eye computer
Recently, with "embellish eye" in the industry of the computer to fame will "in the computer and haier embellish eye" products are new action. The 2005 introduction to "solve users not stem, pain, not eyes tears problem is the base of the first generation of embellish eye, haier computer screen after recent coming to its overall upgrade, launched a new generation of embellish eye computer.
The reporter learns, "embellish eye" computer as a unique technology, from haier haier when using a computer found that customers is easy to be found, dry eye pain, tears, haier computer seize this consumers at problem, through the integration of Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and other international giant technology and research and development resources, expensive finally successfully developed "embellish eye" technology. Born in nearly five years, haier computer unceasing conformity the global resources to embellish eye technology to upgrade, and formed the haier the unique 3 H GaoQingRun eye technology. It is reported, haier embellish eye computer can absorb as much as 50% reflected light waves, shield effectively, refracted light scattering and irrelevant, relieve eye stimulate, slow down the use of user fatigue, effectively reduce the eyes do pain, tears and other adverse symptoms, and is therefore users known as the "green health computer."
However, it was introduced, and a new generation of embellish eye the inheritance and computer upgrade haier "embellish eye" technology, keep it, and not "pain" unique selling them on the basis of the industrial design, more have very big breakthrough.
The related parties to, because the eye computer haier embellish "the Eiffel Tower" design concept, fashion and the many humanism design, make haier computer meets the consumer to computer's health, fashion, use DuoZhong demand, so the new launch of a new generation of very sleek screen, in the eye to keep "embellish eye" science and technology as the core differentiation characteristics at the same time, the more in new modelling to monitor overall look brand-new. Among them, the pure metal style will become a new generation of very sleek eye screen of the biggest highlights of the metal feels character, one of the material will be very big range of applications, and in the machine design will continue a generation contracted, fashionable style, but will be more reveal technology fashion sense.
Also, a new generation of very sleek eye screen will also use the newly designed for streaming comes loose hot mouth, arc such design will enhance the cooling, and internal components in prolonging the service life of at the same time, further reduce heat dissipation, high quantity of heat to avoid screen in the dry air, and then around the computer to user's skin damage. Besides, there are also will have many with green health as the design concept of humanized design will be used in a new generation of very sleek screen products in the eye.
At present, this product has not released when the exact date. But industry insiders said, haier computer "embellish eye" technology is the core competitive power, if for product product upgrading, will a computer market again green health agitation, also will "embellish eye" science and technology humanist, the research concept of health first ascend to a new level. Of course, also can make more consumers enjoy more fashion, more green health of computer.

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