April 12, 2011

Hu jewelry sector, where Vera

Hu jewelry sector, where Vera
The Plaza hotel of The Palm hall (Palm)
Hu mindprints fingerprints, necklace, ring
Model Elettra
Hu, come to China! The jewelry world where Vera is put her surprised masterpieces from New York's fifth avenue flagship store to Shanghai, China. This makes Madonna, oprah winfrey is dump of Chinese jewelry designer, invite her for Hollywood MUSES Elettra friendship a mirror princess filming movies. (YingGeLi Elettra is BaoMan granddaughter, isabelle.. Pull. Plug chiellini daughter!) At the moment, New York's most prestigious Plaza of death are put on a Oriental gem and western beauty, beautiful story the beginning of symphonic!

Manhattan Chinese jewelry family
Hu, the parents are born Taiwan jewelry family. "Father is diamond, red sapphirine expert, mother is jade and pearl expert." That oneself like, said, laughing, martial arts novels, felling oneself family like jewelry family of shaolin pie -- in depth, strong, regular professional background is very professional. "My family make me always very proud, not because they save money under the how much, but because they save." the credit reputation

In her eyes, parents behave "deservedly decent, success". "Father from when I was young I warned me, be an upright person will be responsible for, courage to surpass yourself. From Taiwan to New York, saying that ho's business is one step a footprint do reputation, let professional all praised." For the parents of the girl is very high, but do not request rather abstract Plato temperament: in being superior to your previous self. The maisonde Hemingway in his titled "the true nobility" essay said: the true nobility is not better than others, but in being superior to your previous self. This is also saying that ho's family has always been in good faith criteria.

Fifth avenue "first Chinese jewelry brand"
Although the direct target is Hu, in jewelry design, but she deeply understand will put jewels from the jewelry promoted to art, his need to understand knowledge is not confined to jewelry this category. She entered the study of art history at Columbia University, east and west. "A monet, van gogh, also have the verses Ming and qing dynasties, I also studied ZhangDaQian art esthetics..." Through the study, Hu continued, than many had been living in domestic Chinese still more understanding the essence of Oriental culture.

In 2001, after graduating from Columbia University, Hu into the famous Christie's, New York auction houses jewelry department internship, outstanding she gave side everyone left a good impression. Before the famous brand, and has entered the world first-class jewelry brand with Harry the Vatican grams of yabao work. In Harry, she met her the to oneself influence greatly jewelry legend Maurice design masters Galli, and became his formally acknowledge so far only the students.

In December 2008, New York city's fifth avenue from the east adds a bright light on Hu - named after the custom, history of exquisite jewelry store in death Plaza, become the first officially opened in fifth avenue, and international high-quality goods of Chinese gem stylist racing colourful brand. Plaza death has been regarded as New York city's fifth avenue, is the crown royal wedding many first choice, and Hu, set up shop, should be invited Plaza is death.

Madonna: I introduce to the world,!
As is known to all, a rare example of high-end platform usually brings a rare opportunity. It's death in Plaza in the United States, the laid a success. Powerful evidence that is one of the big star Madonna etc found her beauty. "Stars all like to Plaza, including Madonna's death. She was there to see my shop and I work, feel very different, so have cooperation."

The summer of 2010, Madonna personally directed the second film, "the duchess of Windsor" in France and London boot. Madonna specially invited by the hirer, Wallis Simpson tailored heroine of jewelry, become besides France, hundred years outside, the only famous brand jewelry Chinese jewelry designer brands.

In addition, the United States MaiJie talk show queen oprah's temperature, Fred, will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith, drew Barrymore first actress, Hu, have become the faithful customers. Oprah like compare exaggerated "declaration, and drew Barrymore jewelry," before the emmy awards are sent to a peach pink, the exquisite cloth, is her dress fabrics, good let, according to her dress to select designing jewelry. "Hollywood stars on their own aesthetic demanding."

A total of nine jewels, "100 symphonic music"
In April 2010, Hu called "jewellery has released its latest series of symphonic" by 2010, including top customization jewelry of shangri-la red lotus necklaces and rings, inspiration pear-shaped behind was a highly GuiZuQi qualitative story - the brother, now, as in a team of finance minister "wit, high schools in financial America's oldest private aristocracy did (New England school Cushing private high school). His classmates and roommates and an Oriental, from Bhutan. The low-key Oriental orientals was today's Bhutan king. (the brother continued, with the secret conservative. There are many from royal family, friends, but never revealed the secret of others. Because of her character, trust is more important than anything.

"I hope most is to allow those with certain cordiality, here with me find that resonates with jewels. I believe my work will be like Beethoven's symphony, monet paintings will equally touched people's soul. If A to Z is my jewelry journey, that I now just to B, B for stage, such skills" finally, "said not against time, but good gem can."

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